Develop an international proposition that enables Kingfisher to play in a £98 billion market


My role: business strategy lead

Team structure: service design lead, business analysts, visual designer

Customer journey mapping

Customer journey mapping


the brief

Kingfisher is not a destination for certain tradespeople because the stores don’t cater to their needs and professional status. However, tradespeople are involved in two thirds of home improvement projects and over half of their customer’s product choices. This means that trade have a lot of influencing power in the home improvement ecosystem.

My challenge was to rethink Kingfisher’s market position for trade and design the customer value proposition to reflect this.


The business has agreed a strategic focus of six customer segments. I’m now aligning all pillars of the business to create a holistic product, store, service and finance offer designed around their needs. The proposition will be rolled out across all our markets and stores within the next 5 years.


  1. After identifying potential customer segments, I led a team of business analysts and SME stakeholders to assess the desirability, feasibility and viability of attracting each customer type to Kingfisher. In a traditionally slioed business, this was the first time that Offer & Supply Chain, Fulfilment, Finance, Customer Insights and Brand had worked collaboratively.

  2. Based on the synthesis of this work, I presented a priority shortlist of customer types to the C-Suite and this strategic focus was agreed for Kingfisher.

  3. In order to deliver the proposition holistically, I established a working group with directors from across the business. We agreed hypotheses and short and long-term KPIs.

  4. Working with a Lead Service Designer, we mapped each customer journey and their digital, physical and human touchpoints. We identified knowledge gaps and grouped opportunities.

  5. The Service Designer and I ran ideation workshops with relevant parts of the business to co-create prototype solutions. I defined objectives and benchmarking criteria so we could prototype the concepts in relevant channels.

  6. This sense of shared ownership, combined with the working group’s collective view of the workstreams across the business, meant we were able to test concepts quickly.

  7. As we are validating the propositions, I’m inputing in to a group business case to rollout concepts across Kingfisher.



Kingfisher’s strategic goal to have one unified offer across the group meant that we encountered points of tension when considering market localisation and disparate customer needs. Whilst challenging at times, I really enjoyed this design constraint as it forced us to think of interesting lateral solutions to problems that we may not have otherwise found.


*Estimated at around €109bn in 2015: AMA Builders Merchants Market Report - Europe 2016-2020 Analysis